Our Pizza

Our Pizza.
fresh pizza dough. real mozzarella. time-tested recipes. 
500° stone-hearth ovens. no fillers. no shortcuts.

 Chicago's Stuffed Pizza

The pizza that put us on the map, and that we've been making for over 25 years. You can also buy it by the slice at our restaurants!

We start with our buttery, flaky crust into which 100% real mozzarella and the ingredients of your choice are loaded. A second crust is draped over these, then the pie is covered with our rich, fresh tomato sauce and finished with a parmesan-spice dusting. Then we bake it for 30 minutes for a perfectly melty midwestern flavor bombshell. 

Chicago's Deep Dish Pizza

This is the newest addition to our pizza menu, and one we are very fond of. For this pizza style, we created a crust that is crispy on the bottom with a tender crumb made with butter and polenta for an authentic Chicago taste. This pizza is also made in a deep pan, but it has a sigle, bottom crust covered abundantly in mozzarella, followed by your favorite ingredients, all topped with our rustic, fresh California tomato sauce. We finish it with a sprinkle of our parmesan/spice mix and into the oven it goes. 30 Minutes later, a thing of beauty emerges. 

Chicago's Gourmet Pizza

With a more "contemporary" style, our gourmet pizzas are where the creativity of our pizza chefs shines. 

Crafted on our satisfyingly chewy honey-semolina crust, brushed with unique sauces like pesto or gorgonzola cream, then generously topped with premium ingredients like sun-dried tomatoes, smoked gouda, roasted red peppers and more, our gourmet pizzas were created with the connoisseur in mind!

Chicago's Thin Crust Pizza

A classic on its own right, and available by the slice any time, Chicago's thin-crust pizza is an all-time favorite. 

Made with our signature buttery, flaky crust, our secret recipe sauce and the freshest ingredients, you can never go wrong with one or two of our thin pies. 

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