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Experience a Chicago Neighborhood Tradition.

Dine-In | Delivery | Pickup

Since 1991, Chicago's Pizza has been serving up Pizza, Pasta, Sandwiches, and Salads lovingly crafted from scratch. Our dishes are made to order and delivered fast by our very own drivers to our North Side neighbors for lunch, dinner and late night.


3114 N Lincoln Ave

Chicago, IL 60657


Sunday - Thursday 10am - 12am 
Friday - Saturday 10am - 1am

(773) 477-2777


1919 W Montrose Ave

Chicago, IL 60613


Sunday - Thursday 10am - 12am 
Friday - Saturday 10am - 1am

(773) 348-1700

Old Irving

4520 W Irving Park Rd

Chicago, IL 60641


Monday - Thursday: 10am - 11pm 

Friday: 10am - 1am 
Saturday: 11am - 1am 

Sunday: 11am - 12am

(773) 427-0100


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A Family-Owned Neighborhood Favorite Since 1991

The Chicago's Pizza story begins in 1991, when we opened our first little pizzeria at 3017 N Sheffield. Throughout the following years, we opened three more locations. We closed our original restaurant on Sheffield in 2012, and focused on serving the best Chicago-style pizza to our friends in Lakeview, Ravenswood, and Old Irving.

Since 1991, a lot has changed: we expanded our menu to include gourmet pastas and sandwiches, wraps and even gluten-free pizza. What hasn't changed is that we are still a family-run company, always doing our best to take care of our customers and to do good for the communities around us. We are not a franchise. No corporate board. Chicago born and raised. We are Chicago's Pizza.


Our Pizzas

Fresh pizza dough. Real mozzarella. Time-tested recipes. 500° stone-hearth ovens. No fillers. No shortcuts.


Deep Dish Stuffed Pizza

The pizza that put us on the map, and that we've been making for over 25 years. You can also buy it by the slice at our restaurants!

We start with our buttery, flaky crust into which 100% real mozzarella and the ingredients of your choice are loaded. A second crust is draped over these, then the pie is covered with our rich, fresh tomato sauce and finished with a parmesan-spice dusting. Then we bake it for 30 minutes for a perfectly melty midwestern flavor bombshell. 


Gourmet Pizza

With a more "contemporary" style, our gourmet pizzas are where the creativity of our pizza chefs shines. 

Gourmet pizzas are crafted on our satisfyingly chewy honey-semolina crust, brushed with unique sauces like pesto or gorgonzola cream, then generously topped with premium ingredients like sun-dried tomatoes, smoked gouda, roasted red peppers and more.


Our gourmet pizzas were created with the pizza connoisseur in mind!


Thin Crust Pizza

A classic pizza in its own right, our thin crust pizzas are available by the slice any time.


Made with our signature buttery, flaky crust, our secret recipe sauce and the freshest ingredients, you can never go wrong with one or two of our thin pies. 

Chicago's Pizza thin-crust is an all-time favorite. 

Order one today!

Our Pizzas

Gluten-Free Options

Back in 2011, several of our customers told us that due to gluten sensitivity, they could no longer eat their favorite Chicago-style pizza, so we started looking for a solution that would allow them to continue enjoying our pies. After trying many of the commercially available dough and pre-made crusts, we realized that none came close to the flavor or texture of our pizza, and that was a dealbreaker. It was when we decided to take it a step further and develop our own recipe, which is easier said than done: Gluten is extremely important in baking, as it gives yeast-raised dough the strength to trap the fermentation CO2, resulting in a sponge-like crumb. Take it out of the equation and you end up with a crumbly, heavy and not so yummy piece of bread. 

So after a couple of not-so-good attempts, we finally came up with a formula that resembles our original crust very closely, and one that enables us to make any kind of pizza and even GF calzoni! It makes us extremely proud to hear customers say that the flavor is identical to our classic pies, and to see their happy faces after they've enjoyed great tasting pizza again. 

And we didn't stop there: We also make our own GF focaccia rolls so you can have a delicious garlic bread, gourmet sandwich or a panino. We have Italian GF pasta from Farmo and even GF desserts!



"My favorite pizza is thin crust but since we are visiting Chicago, we had to try a Chicago style pizza. The pizza was delicious, Flavors were on point. I love that the edges were nice and crunchy.


We also ordered boneless Buffalo wings and  we agreed that it was the best we've ever had. Bonus.... the ranch to dip the wings also is amazing!"

— Laurie L.


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